TPMS Tools

Bartec has a range of products designed to meet the complete scope of requirements for diagnosing TPMS problems thereby limiting liability before repairing them.


The Tech400Pro is the scan tool built by the TPMS Professionals at Bartec. The scan tool that takes TPMS service to the next level.


Advanced TPMS Technology

TPMS Placard Pressure Adjusting

Programs Aftermarket Replacement Sensors

Tech400Pro Detail View


The Tech300Pro is a high-powered entry-level activation tool that can be updated to an OBDII to help grow your TPMS business.


Activation Only Entry Level Tool

Wireless Bluetooth Data Transfer

Inductive Charging Capable

Tech300Pro Detail View


The TECH200 is the TPMS Activation tool with a bit more. This revolutionary TPMS tool has wireless Bluetooth capability!


Comprehensive TPMS coverage

Wireless capability

Activates all known sensors

TECH200 Detail View


The TPMS Programming Accessory Device [PAD] is designed to program the revolutionary replacement sensor EZ-sensor®!


Easy to use software

Internet is NOT required

Connects to PC or LAPTOP

TPMS PAD Detail View