Part Number WRT300PROC


The Tech300Proc has market leading coverage for the diagnosis and repair of the TPMS for Domestic and Import vehicles.

Through its uniquely robust OBD cable, the Tech300Proc can diagnose problems and reset the TPMS control module of Asian makes such as Nissan, Honda, Subaru and Toyota. The Tech300Proc is also an activation tool, it can quickly activate the TPMS sensors during a domestic car relearn on such makes such as GM and Ford.


Tech300Proc Features

  • Greater TPMS Function with the OBDII Module
  • Comprehensive TPMS Audit Report
  • Performs Stationary and OBDII Relearns
  • UHF Signal Interference Tester
  • TPMS ID Read Out through OBDII
  • TPMS Part number look up
  • Actual vs Vehicle Stored Sensor Positioning
  • Advanced DTC detection and display
  • Stores vehicle records on tool for quick look up
  • Standard RKE [FOB] Testing

Top Features

  • TPMS Activation tool
  • Wireless Bluetooth Data Transfer
  • Inductive Charging Capable
  • Programs Aftermarket Sensors
  • Works with Multi-Protocol Sensors
  • TIA Inside Troubleshooting

Top Benefits

  • Easy to learn, easy to operate means anyone in your business can use this tool
  • Greater vehicle coverage means saying YES to customers more often
  • Greater choice in sensor solution and the ability to repair more cars
  • Comprehensive Health Report makes discussing TPMS with your customers confident and easy