Mitsubishi Relearn Kit

Part Number WRTOBD002

Mitsubishi Relearn Kit


The NEW Assisted Relearn Kit for the Mitsubishi Lancer, Outlander, Mirage and RVR means completing the all-important relearn step right in the service bay!


What’s needed?

One of these market leading Bartec TPMS tools, the TECH500, TECH400SD, or the TECH400+, software version R51 and the Adaptor kit (right).

WRTOBD002 Mitsubishi Assisted Relearn Kit shown Software not included.

Mitsubishi TPMS Vehicles - Bartec has you Covered!

  2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Eclipse       Standard OBD Relearn    
Endeavor   Standard OBD Relearn    
Galant   Standard OBD Relearn  
Lancer           Assisted Relearn
Mirage                       Assisted
Outlander         Assisted Relearn
Raider           Standard OBD Relearn          
RVR                 Assisted Relearn

Bartec Design

Bartec made the Mitsubishi Assisted Relearn simple and inexpensive. Since Bartec works with the automotive OE manufacturers, we understand how the vehicle TPMS operates and made the process flexible and accurate.

While a second activation tool makes the relearn process faster, it is NOT required.

With the Bartec Assisted Relearn, you can simply lower the tire pressure to force the sensors to transmit and complete the relearn.

  • Print a final audit report
  • Confirm correct sensors programmed
  • Read and Clear DTC’s and turn off the light

These COMBO Kits are also available

  • TECH200/Mitsu Kit - A TECH200, Mitsubishi Assisted Re-learn cable and a ONE-YEAR Software certificate for your TECH400+/400SD tool
  • Mitsu/Software Kit - A Mitsubishi Assisted Re-learn cable and a ONE-YEAR Software certificate for your TECH400+/400SD tool

Approved Activation Tools - for optional method

Approved Activation Tools - for optional methodCertified to work with this range of Bartec produced TPMS Activation tools as well as Bartec Combination tools TECH500, TECH400SD and TECH400.

How the ASSISTED Relearn Works

  • Inflate each tire to the proper placard pressure
  • Read the TPMS sensors in each of the four wheels
  • Connect your TECH500, 400SD or 400+ to the OBDII port
  • Turn ignition to Key ON Engine OFF
  • Follow the instructions on the tool


Added Benefits

  • Low Cost Adaptor No extra tool required!
  • Two Activation Methods 1. Activation tool 2. Reduce Pressure
  • Make-Model-Year Look Up Fast and Easy!


Product Support

Mitsubishi Relearn KitMitsubishi Relearn Kit