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Welcome to Bartec from Scot Holloway CEO

This year Bartec USA celebrates our TEN YEAR anniversary! Since 2004, Bartec has played a significant and leading role in the development and implementation of TPMS Technology in the North American Market. Whether it is the many dozens of plant installs, the many thousands of OE dealer tools, the tens of thousands of aftermarket tools, our experience, technical ability and customer service are the reasons why we’ve been a stable and consistent force in this market!

Contact Bartec USABartec USA is part of the Bartec Group, and together we have changed the automotive aftermarket service industry! Bartec’s many “First-To-Market” solutions have revolutionized the way the industry diagnoses and services TPMS! Bartec TPMS Tools are known throughout the industry as the standard for quality, features, ease of use and vehicle coverage. All of this is backed by a TPMS Technical Support Team is second to none, in the world of automotive aftermarket technical support!

For myself, I have been part of the amazing team at Bartec USA since February of 2005, and am proud to be associated with the most dedicated and customer oriented team in the industry, and would put our team up against any in the world in terms of knowledge, customer support and commitment to getting the job done right!

Bartec is unique in that we understand that TPMS is more than tools. We are committed to helping our customers find success in TPMS! To that end, we are always looking for ways to improve our service. The Bartec team is here to serve you! Contact us today and talk to our team about your specific requirements or problem. Below are the key contacts for technical, sales and administrative support. Thank you for taking the time to view our site and learn a little more about Bartec USA!


Scot Holloway
C.E.O. and General Manager
Bartec USA, LLC

Office: (586) 803-7004
Cell: (586) 524-1507

Technical Support Team (866) 407-8767

Bartec’s Technical Support team is second to none in the industry. The accumulated TPMS knowledge is at your disposal. Call them and they will do their very best to help you with your TPMS problem.

Lisa Sayranian
TPMS Technical Support Specialist

Julian Jarbo
TPMS Technical Support Specialist

Chris Pawlak
TPMS Technical Support Specialist

Sales Support Team 855-877-9732

The Bartec’s Sales Support team is also the very best. Their combined experience and knowledge is evident as they TEACH YOU ABOUT TPMS, rather than just sell. The Sales Managers at Bartec are committed to informing you of the REAL WORLD TPMS scenarios and how our offering is the proper solution to help you to be successful with TPMS!

Bartec Sales Team MapScot Holloway – Steve Donaldson – Kelly Nugent – Jeannie Bryja – Steve Long – Dennis Flanerym

Steve Long
Director of National Sales Team
Office: (586) 685-1300 ext. 7007
Cell: (586) 557-6614

Sean MacKinnon
USA National Sales Manager - North
Office: (586) 685-1300
Cell: (586) 850-4115

Based in Newark, DE Sean has more than 20 years of automotive aftermarket and tire service experience. His knowledge of automotive tire service, TPMS, and ability to train and educate means Sean will have an impact from day one! Sean’s reputation integrity, hard work and commitment to see the job done right is an asset for all Bartec customers and partners!

Kelly Nugent
USA National Sales Manager - West
Office: (586) 685-1300
Cell: (916) 832-2710

Base in Sacramento, CA, Kelly brings a high level of automotive aftermarket sales, marketing and management experience based on his 15 years in the business. As a Tool and Supply Specialist Kelly Built an excellent reputation of being knowledgeable and providing great service and follow up. As a result he built a network of loyal customers and colleagues.

Dennis Flanery
USA National Sales Manager - South
Office: (586) 685-1300
Cell: (586) 552-9877

Based in Kansas City, MO, Dennis is a veteran of the automotive aftermarket of more than 25 years, specializing in Driveability and Diagnostics which is perfect fit for TPMS. Throughout his career, Dennis has built an excellent reputation of being knowledgeable and providing great service and follow up. As a result he built a network of loyal customers and colleagues. You will no doubt find that Dennis' knowledge of Diagnostics and TPMS, the Tire Industry, and his ability to take care of customers are second to none.

Jeannie Bryja
Inside Sales Manager
Office: (586) 685-1300 ext. 7014


Administrative Contacts

The Bartec’s Administrative Support team is always here to help! Help and assistance is never more than a phone call a way.

Diane Hubbard
Office Manager - Accounting
(586) 685-1300 ext.7001

Steve Fletcher
Shipping and Receiving
(586) 685-1300 ext.7020

Cari Sharpe
Tool Repair Administrator
(586) 685-1300 ext.7017


Bartec USA, LLC
44231 Phoenix Drive 
Sterling Heights 
Michigan 48314 
Toll Free: 855-877-9732
Telephone: (586) 685-1300
Fax: (586) 323-3801

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